Only buy oil from YPF says president


President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has told all state entities that in future they must purchase all their fuel from YPF the recently forcibly nationalised oil company. The various ministries and state agencies have been told that they may complete existing contracts with companies such as Exxon Mobil, Petrobras and Shell but after that the contracts must be with YPF.

The decree was part of a number of measures announced in the government bulletin which also included a requirement for all state workers to receive their salaries through the state run bank, Banco de la Nacion Argentina. State workers have been told that they must also fly on state airline Aerolineas Argentinas according to the report in MercoPress.

Elsewhere a federal judge in the mining province of La Rioja has blocked a gold mining application by a Canadian firm on the grounds of a new glacier protection bill which prohibits mining if it will have an impact on the many glaciers in the region. The impact of the judgement could affect a number of mining applications in the region.

Meanwhile President Fernández de Kirchner announced the development of a new potassium mining project in Neuquén, Mendoza and Río Negro provinces which will be led by Brazilian mining company Vale. The Buenos Aires Herald reports the president as saying “I like the fact that this project will be developed with Brazil.”

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