Opinion poll shows Conservatives close to majority


Four recent opinion polls by EKOS Research, Ipsos Reid, Harris Decima and Nanos Research suggest that the Conservative Party is close to the 40% required for an overall majority should a general election be called.

Ipsos Reid puts the Conservatives on 39% and the latest poll released on 21st February from Nanon Research puts them on 39.7%.  The other two polls put them on 37.3% and 37%.

Meanwhile the Liberal Party’s best showing is the poll from Harris Decima which puts them on 27%.  The other polls have them on 26.6%, 25% and 24.8%.

The New Democrats best poll was the most recent, the Nanos Research poll which puts them on 18.9%, with the other polls putting them on 18%, 14.2% and 14%.

The Greens are showing an average of 10% and Bloc Quebecois on 9%.

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