Parliament votes for UN intervention


The Libya herald reports that the House of Representatives voted yesterday to disband all recognised and funded militias formed after the February 2011 revolution. The vote was carried by 102 for and two against in the 200 seat parliament (currently only 188 elected).

The parliament also voted for the United Nations (UN) to intervene to protect civilians and the state institutions in Libya. The vote was carried by 111 for and 13 against.

Over the past couple of months fighting has intensified across the country but especially in the capital Tripoli and the eastern city of Benghazi. Around 200 people are believed to have died in the last two months.

Production of oil has fallen to around 450,000 barrels per day but there are problems in getting the oil shipped out of the country through the ports.

The major problem for the new parliament is to enforce any decisions it takes. Getting UN troops into the country will be very difficult and the militias are unlikely to lay down or surrender their weapons after so much fighting. The decision should at least stop the direct funding of the militias and it does remove the official sanction of these groups.

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