Parties fail to form government again


The impasses in Belgian politics continues. In May King Albert II asked the leader of the Socialist Party (PS), Elio Di Rupo to try and form a government. This week the PS, the second largest party in the 150 seat Chamber of deputies, put a package of proposals to the largest party the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA). On Thursday the package was rejected by the N-VA leader, Bart De Wever.

A caretaker government has run Belgium since 13th June 2010, the longest any country has gone without a properly constituted government. This latest rejection would appear to suggest that all options have been exhausted and the only solution may be to call another election to see if different results could lead to a breaking of the impasse.

Belgium has long been deeply divided along language based lines between the French speaking Walloons and the Dutch speaking Flemish community. There is also a small German speaking community.

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