PM Alenka Bratušek loses leadership of Positive Slovenia


Slovenia’s Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek has lost the leadership of her party, Positive Slovenia (PS) following a leadership contest on Friday. She was defeated by the founder of the party and the mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, by 422 – 338 votes.

Bratušek said that she would resign as prime minister if she lost the leadership. With the other parties in the governing coalition saying that they will not work with Janković it looks almost certain that the government will fall this weekend. Earlier Janković had indicated that he could be leader of the party and Mayor of Ljubljana whilst Alenka Bratušek remained Prime Minister, however she made it clear that she could not lead the government without the support of her party.

The party was founded on 22nd October 2011 by Zoran Janković a businessman and was originally called “Zoran Janković’s List – Positive Slovenia” but was renamed Positive Slovenia 21st January 2012. Janković has been subject to constant attention for corruption scandals and a 2012-2013 Investigation Report said that he had failed to declare income/assets and questioned business transactions between companies owned by his sons and the city of Ljubljana.

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