PM appointed


The third choice for prime minister, submitted by President Michel Martelly, has finally been approved by the Senate. The vote came after more than six hours of debate with a final result of 17 for and 3 against with 9 abstentions.

Gary Conille will become the new prime minister of Haiti and will appoint his Cabinet as well as deliver a programme of government to parliament.

The struggle that President Martelly has had with a parliament which is overwhelmingly in the hands of an opposition party has taken more than three months just to get a prime minister appointed; his first two nominees were rejected. The struggle to get a government programme initiated starts now. All of this takes place against the backdrop of the struggle to get the country back on its feet after the 2010 February earthquake which devastated the country. Many people are still living in camps and one of the first jobs of the new government will be to get the rebuild programme underway.

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