PM designate fails to win parliamentary support


The man who came from nowhere with a new party, Positive Slovenia, to take top place in the 4th December 2011 poll has failed to win the support of parliament.

Zoran Janković, the leader of Positive Slovenia, was nominated by President Danilo Turk last week despite his attempts to establish a coalition government failing. Janković was presented to parliament yesterday as the new prime minister but only managed to glean 42 votes in favour in the 90 seat chamber. Five members voted against and 43 members abstained.

The vote has caused a crisis, probably anticipated by the president. The president, a parliamentary party or ten or more lawmakers now have 14 days to nominate a new prime minister. If they fail to do so then fresh elections will be called.

The arithmetic of the parliament makes forming a coalition a difficult choice. The centre left, of which Positive Slovenia was a part, have a slim majority but the Citizen’s Alliance of Gregor Virant with eight seats have refused to join anything other than a national unity government. The centre right are short of two seats for an overall majority.

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