PM near to resigning


Two bills are currently making their way through the Diet, the Japanese parliament, which, when completed will trigger the resignation of Prime Minister Naoto Kan.

The renewable energy sources special measures bill is expected to become law by 26th August. Whilst a special bill designed to allow the government to issue deficit-covering bonds, needed to ensure that the government doesn’t run out of money in the current fiscal year, is likely to become law on 24th August.

When both bills are passed the prime minister stated in the House of Councillors yesterday that he would step down.

An opinion poll published in the Yomiuri Shimbun shows approval rating for Naoto Kan’s government is down from 24% last month to just 18% this month. A total of 72% say that they disapprove of the current government.

The bad news also stretched to the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), the ruling party whose standing in the polls is at just 17%. However, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) does not appear to be benefiting from the government’s disarray. They stand on 20% support up just 1% from last month.

A full 53% of respondents said that they did not support any political party.

The same poll showed that 67% of respondents did support the government’s move away from nuclear energy.

Meanwhile DPJ officials are working on a 28th August date for the vote on selecting a new leader to replace Kan.

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