PM survives confidence vote


Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Ahad Al-Sabah survived a confidence vote yesterday in the 50 seat National Assembly.

Just half, 25 members voted for the prime minister, with 18 voting against him and six abstaining (the final member is a minister who cannot vote on such occasions).

Immediately after the vote three opposition members filed a motion to ‘quiz’ the prime minister over corruption and financial irregularities.

This is the third confidence vote in recent weeks and since the prime minister came in to office in 2006 there has been continued turmoil including parliament being dissolved three times, the prime minister resigning six times and a series of fresh elections. Most analysts point to a power struggle within the ruling Al-Sabah family for the turmoil.

The political turmoil has affected development projects and trading in the oil rich kingdom which has $300 bn in assets and sits on 10% of proven oil reserves.

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