PM Turnbull hits new low in latest poll


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is recording a worse satisfaction rating in the latest opinion polls than Tony Abbott who he ousted as prime minister last year.

Despite gaining a new mandate in the 2nd July general election this year Turnbull has failed to make any impact on the electorate. His satisfaction rating is just 29%, a percentage point lower than that of Mr Abbott when he was ousted for having poor opinion poll ratings.

The latest Newspoll poll has Turnbull as the preferred prime minister of 42% of those polled with Australian Labor Party (ALP) leader Bill Shorten on 32%. But 57% of those polled are dissatisfied with Turnbull and if there were another election today his centre-right Liberal/National Coalition would lose, polling 48% to the ALP’s 52% on two party preferred terms.

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