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President Goodluck Jonathan has forced his Inspector General of Police (IGP), Hafiz Ringim, to retire early, along with six deputies.

Hafiz Ringim had been due to retire after March this year, but the repeated attacks by the Islamist group Boko Haram leading to at least 250 deaths this year forced the president to demand his early resignation. Six other Deputy Inspector Generals (DIGs) were also forced to hand in their resignations.

The move has been well received by most people, although some say that it has been too long coming. Hafiz Ringim came in to the office in November 2010 and soon built a reputation for favouritism, appointing his people over more competent officers as well as failing to act on intelligence reports. The crunch point probably came when the head of Boko Harem, Kabiru Umar (aka Kabir Sokoto) who is believed to have been responsible for the Christmas day massacres of Christians managed to escape after being taken in to police custody.

The president has appointed former Lagos state Commissioner of Police, Mohammed D. Abubakar to replace Ringim.

The president has also set up a Special Committee headed by the Chief of the Police Service Commission to oversee a total reorganisation of the Nigerian Police Force.

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