Portugal bailout delays government formation


Jyrki Katainen, leader of the largest party in the new Finnish parliament, the National Coalition Party (KOK) has said that it is necessary to clear up the Portugal bailout issue before it is possible to construct a new coalition government; he wishes to leave the decision to the parliament’s Grand Committee. For this reason the negotiations on formulating the new government have been delayed by a week to 18th May.

The opinion of Katainen, however, is being questioned by the parliament’s Grand Committee chairman, Erkki Tuomioja who has said in an interview to the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) that the committee cannot act without a government proposal.

The True Finns agree with Katainen on sorting out the Portugal issue before moving forward. The other likely partners in the coalition, the Social Democrat Party (SDP), of which Erkki Tuomioja is a member, do not.

The Finnish voters appear to be equally split in their view of the Portugal bailout, with an opinion poll conducted by TNS for the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat revealing that 38% of voters support the bailout package and 36% oppose. The poll also shows that the majority of True Finn supporters are against the package whilst the majority of KOK and Centre Party supporters are in favour.

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