President gives inaugural address


President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud announced in his inaugural address on 16th September a platform consisting of five pillars. Each of the five pillars are stabilisation of the country, revival of the economy, pacification and reconciliation, unification and establishment of good relations between Somalia and the rest of the world.

The relevant part of the president’s speech as published on the RBC Radio website is as follows:

“The first of these pillars is the stabilization of the country. This is to stabilize Somalia so that it has the rules of law any society can have. We want our first, second and third priority to be security. And to create and maintain security, an independent judiciary that is just and which pleases Somalis, is being established.

The second pillar is the revival of the country’s economy. This will then be followed by another stage which is the development of the economy. The revival of the country’s economy depends on the revival of the economy of the Somali family. This is to make sure that food is on the table of the average Somali family. We will work hard to enable Somalis to work for themselves. The Somali government will also create job opportunities as much as it can. We will also create a conducive atmosphere for international companies and agencies to come to the country and create job opportunities for many Somalis. We will also be busy in creating an atmosphere for Somalis to play a role in the development of the country.

The third pillar is pacification and reconciliation. Somalia has gone through more than 20 years of war and statelessness. And before that, there was absence of good governance in the country. This has led to lack of trust in the government. We will do anything that can bring the people together and God willing will avoid anything that can further divide the country. We will create a good atmosphere for our traditional, religious and community leaders to take the flag of peace to all corners of the world and listen to any grieving community so that they could bring about peace.

The fourth pillar is the unification of the country. The re-unification of Somalia was in 1960. That reunification was as a result of people’s love for each other. Unfortunately, that unity was badly damaged 30 years into our independence. The [unity] talks that have started between the government that came before me and the Somaliland administration were a good beginning and they will continue God willing. We will not force others or use military or diplomatic force to bring about unity. We want unity that results from negotiations, mutual respect and mutual agreement. We will work to lay firm foundation for that unity so that our young generations know its importance so that they can protect it.

The fifth pillar is the establishment of good relations between Somalia and the rest of the world. In the history of post-war state-building, no country has been able to rebuild and reconstruct on its own. It was because of the international community’s assistance that post-war countries have been re-built. Somalia is not different from those countries for it needs the world to stand with it. Somalia is only different in one way; it has experienced the longest period of statelessness. So, Somalia has more needs and we are waiting for that assistance. As I have already said, my government will strive to change the attitude of Somalis so that they have new ideas of state-building. We also want the international community, world nations and different agencies to wear different spectacles from the ones that they used to look at Somalia. We are humbly asking the world to provide direct assistance to Somalia without the existence of intermediaries. We can only constitute government institutions when the world is dealing with us directly. It will take a long time to build those institutions if the world uses other channels to deal with us. These institutions must be nurtured like babies. For that to happen, these government institution must be guided like a baby so that they can be fully operational. I am sure we will be there. We are only asking the international community to help us reach that destination and stand with us directly.”

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