President gives parties three days to each consensus


President Ram Baran Yadav has stated that he will not remain a casual bystander in the current political stalemate and has given political parties three days to 16th October to reach consensus on fresh Constituent Assembly elections.

The president was addressing the 60th Anniversary of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce and stressed that he wanted to see a deal between the parties to create a national unity government, provide an agreed date for Constituent Assembly elections, agree on a complete budget for the country and fill vacant positions at constitutional bodies.

The Kathmandu Post reports the president as saying that “The democratic republican constitution that came out of the people’s hard won struggle has entrusted the president with the responsibility of safeguarding it,” said President Yadav. ‘’I have accepted the assigned responsibility. Now am I to simply worship the constitution or should I safeguard the country?” he asked rhetorically.

It is unclear what actions the president can take under the current constitution if political parties fail to meet his 16th October deadline.

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