President rejects second opposition roadmap


President Ali Abdullah Saleh has rejected a second roadmap being proposed by the anti government protesters Joint Meeting of Parties.

The opposition group which represents the protesters had suggested a package of measures including the delegation of powers from President Saleh to Vice President Abdu Rabu Hadi. The roadmap then envisages the Vice President restructuring national security, central security and the Republican Guard before moving to a transitional national council represented by all parties.

Following the formation of the transitional national council, the protesters suggest holding a national dialogue and then the setting up of a committee of experts and specialists to draft constitutional reforms.

The sticking point, however, is that the protesters insist on the immediate resignation of President Saleh, whereas he says that he will not be forced from power. He is reported as having said, ‘We are willing to thrash out the peaceful transfer of power within the constitution, but twisting arms is not acceptable at all”.

Instead, the President says, that protesters should end their sit ins and marches.

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