President Sata rumoured to be very ill


The Zambian media is full of rumours about the state of health of President Michael Sata.

Several media outlets have suggested that he has been evacuated to the United Kingdom for treatment and left Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda as Acting President. Other reports, especially Zambia Watchdog is reporting that the President is being treated in a mini hospital in the grounds of the State House because he is too ill to be transferred by plane to another country.

The President has made only two brief appearances in public recently, at the High Court to testify against a journalist he is suing for defamation and a ten minute appearance at the Africa Freedom Day on Sunday.

The Zambian government has been traditionally weak and secretive in its communications processes and the lack of information is creating a rumour mill of negative stories for the President. Nevertheless it does appear that the sheer volume of stories and his brief public appearances looking extremely frail would suggest that President Sata is very ill.

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