Prime Minister lays out government programme


Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, laid out yesterday the programme of the three party coalition government to parliament.

The key areas of the programme include:

• Privatisation of the operational part of Hellenic Rail (OSE)
• Privatisation of parts of the Public Power Corporation (DEH)
• Privatisation of Athens and Thessaloniki water companies
• Privatisation of regional ports and airports
• Freeing up of the energy market
• The creation of an investment body to sell off excess state owned real estate along with new planning regulations and a construction code
• Encourage greater investment in the country through better policies
• Faster dispersal of European Union structural funds (ESPA) especially through job creating large infrastructure projects
• Closure of a number of public organisations and agencies
• Greater efforts against tax evasion and corruption including the creation of an electronic property registry including bank deposits and other e-governance initiatives
• Allow taxpayers to pay their bills in multiple instalments along with an extension of unemployment benefits.

The prime minister made it clear that the new government did not intend to change the targets laid down as part of the EU/IMF bailout but that the measures used to reach those targets would be changed to become more realistic and achievable.

A number of other measures involving political reform and efforts to improve social cohesion were announced.

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