Promises following reconciliation conference


Somalia prime minister, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, has pledged elections and progress on the formation of a new constitution within the next twelve months at a UN backed conference.

The conference, which took place over three days from Sunday, was attended by Somali leaders, the international community and those countries neighbouring Somalia. Crucially, though, the fundamentalist militia group al-Shabaab and representatives from the breakaway Somaliland region were not represented.

If the transitional government can meet its target then it will bring to an end the transitional period which has lasted seven years and has seen two presidents and five prime ministers. The country has not had a functioning government since 1991. However, the country is facing famine and the al-Shabaab insurgency which controls large areas of the country.

The commitment signed by the Somali leaders present also requires governance reforms and talks with the armed opposition groups as well as security reforms.

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