Protests continue as President Maduro seeks dialogue with US


Student demonstrations intensified this weekend across Venezuela as they enter their third week of protests against the government. Venezuelan Attorney, General Luisa Ortega Díaz, said on Friday that eight people had been killed and 137 had been injured; of those four were in Caracas, two in Carabobo state and one each in Sucre state and Lara state.

The rallies were by no means one way with large crowds of people gathering in support of President Nicolás Maduro outside the presidential palace. The president spoke to the crowd and said that Venezuela was not Ukraine and he would not tolerate fascism. However, the president had earlier admitted that the protests were a “coup d’état in development” that was being instigated by Washington and former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe. President Maduro went so far as to call for talks between himself and US President, Barack Obama. The US Secretary of State John Kerry in response condemned the use of ‘unacceptable’ force against protesters.

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