Protests continue


As expected the protests against high unemployment, corruption and bad politicians continued yesterday despite a ban.

Although the Central Electoral Commission had announced that no rallies or public demonstrations were allowed on Saturday or Sunday (local elections day), the official announcements were ignored. As many as 28,000 gathered in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol before midnight on Friday and remained silent as midnight struck before bursting into noise.

Crowds filled other squares across Spain, including 8,000 in the Plaza de Catalunya in Barcelona and 10,000 in Valencia.

The crowd which is now known as the 13-M movement to commemorate the day the protests started (13th May) have called on people not to vote in tomorrow’s local elections. Despite this, many are expected to go out and punish the ruling Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) of Prime Minister José Zapatero.

The PSOE is expected to lose Madrid and Valencia as well as Castilla la Mancha to the opposition People’s Party.

The prime minister has instructed the police not to enforce the ban and intervene with the protesters.

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