Protests grow


Protests intensified yesterday in the Ukraine after President Viktor Yanukovych and the European Union (EU) failed to reach any agreement on European Union integration. On 21st November the president abruptly ended talks to pursue the integration programme and to seek an Association Agreement. Talks took place last weekend at a major EU conference in Vilnius but no agreement between the two sides was reached.

Some news sources are saying that as many as 350,000 people protested in Kiev on Sunday. At least 165 people were injured and protesters are known to have attempted to enter public buildings in scenes reminiscent of the “Orange Revolution” of nine years ago which forced the self-same president out of office. Young protesters are reported as having occupied the Kiev City Hall.

President Yanukovych is due to leave for China on 3rd December for a three day visit. It is unclear if he intends to continue with the visit and whether he will put in place a State of Emergency across much of the country.

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