PSB quits President Rousseff’s government


President Dilma Rousseff will have to fill two ministerial vacancies after the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) decided to withdraw from the government yesterday. Two ministries are affected, the Ministry of National Integration and the Special Secretariat of Ports.

The decision was taken after four hours of discussion by the party’s national Executive Committee according to a press release published on their website.

National President of the PSB, Pernambuco Governor Eduardo Campos said “The PSB really helped the PT government, from the beginning, we were the most faithful allies, with respect to the long history of struggles that we share. And we will continue to help all the times that there is a relevant topic for Brazil and President Dilma think needs our support, “he said.

The party will not join the official opposition but will now be free to put up a presidential candidate in the 2014 presidential election. It is believed that Eduardo Campos has ambitions to stand for the presidency although the press release denies that any decision has yet been taken.

The PSB currently has 34 of the 513 seats in the Chamber of Deputies.

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