Reform and Convergence Programmes published


Every year Sweden submits its reports to the European Union on progress in a number of fields.

It has recently published its Convergence Programme 2014 which looks at measures in the 2014 budget as well as giving an economic outlook and public finance forecast for the year.

The Swedish government has also published its National Reform Programme 2014 which reports on implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy in national policies. The press release on the government website also states that the National Reform Programme reflects five overall priorities for the European semester that were approved at the meeting of the European Council in December 2013:

• pursuing differentiated, growth friendly fiscal consolidation,
• restoring lending to the economy,
• promoting growth and competitiveness,
• tackling unemployment and the social consequences of the crisis and
• modernising public administration

You can find the Convergence Programme 2014 here and the National Reform Programme 2014 here.

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