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The State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine is organising a series of investment roadshows in 16 key financial ‘hotspots’ from the end of October.

The agency describes the purpose of the roadshow to be to “actively allocate direct foreign investment to the economy of Ukraine, to establish a positive and attractive investment image of Ukraine in the world, as well as to hold Ukraine to the stance of a leading financial, political and business centre in the Eastern Europe”.

Each roadshow will last for one day in each city and will cover the “investment climate, legal requirements and provisions for the investment in Ukraine, primary tasks and functions of the State Agency and the ways in which Agency can contribute to the foreign investors’ activities etc. will be circulated; moreover, the top-priority National projects of Ukraine will be presented”.

The dates of the roadshows are listed below with more information obtainable through the local Embassy.

Tour 1 (31 October – 4 November 2011)
London (October 31st)
Vienna (November 2nd)
Frankfurt-am-Main (November 3rd)
Madrid (November 4th)

Тour 2 (7 November – 11 November 2011)
New York (November 7th)
Houston (November 8th)
Chicago (November 9th)
Washington D.C. (November 10th)

Тour 3 (14 November – 25 November 2011)
El-Kuwait (November 14-15th)
Istanbul (November 22nd)
Abu-Dhabi (November 24th)

Тour 4 (12-20 December 2011)
Tokyo (December 12th)
Osaka (December 13th)
Seoul (December 14th)
Hong Kong (December 15th)
Shanghai (December 19th)

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