Rõivas government loses confidence vote


Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas of the centre-right Reform Party has lost a vote of confidence in parliament resulting in the collapse of the government.

Of the 91 members voting in the 101 seat Riigikogu, 63 voted to remove Rõivas with 28 voting against. The no confidence vote came after the Reform (30 seats) coalition partners, the centre-right Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) (14 seats) and the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SDE) (15 seats) withdrew their support on Monday.

The main opposition centre-left Estonian Centre Party (Keskerakond) (27 seats) is now expected to form a government, especially after it replaced its Russian leaning leader, Edgar Savisaar, with a new leader, Jüri Ratas, last Saturday. It is likely that the IRL and SDE will negotiate a new coalition deal with the Centre Party.

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