Rousseff approval rating plummets


A Datafolha poll published on Saturday is bad news for President Dilma Rousseff. Just one month into her second term in office the President’s approval rating has dropped by nearly a half.

In the latest poll just 23% of those interviewed said that the President’s performance was good/very good, down from 42% in December. The number of people who think her performance is bad has gone up from 24% to 44%.

Much of the drop in popularity comes as more corruption is revealed at Brazil’s national oil company Petrobras during the period when Rousseff was Chair of the Board. As a result some 77% of respondents believe that Rousseff knew about the corruption, something she denies.

Nor are people happy about the re-election of the President. Some 60% say that she lied during her re-election campaign. This possibly relates to the rise in prices for electricity, petrol and bus fares, all things she said would not go up if she was re-elected.

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