Rousseff disapproval rating on increase


President Dilma Rousseff was inaugurated on 1st January 2011 following her successful election in October 2010. Since then her government has faced a number of problems, not least of which has been a series of corruption scandals, the latest led to the arrest of the Deputy Tourism Minister earlier this week.

Not surprising then that the president’s approval rating is falling rapidly. Just a month ago 73% approved of the work the president was doing, that has fallen 6%, down to 67%.

In a further indicator, the Ibope Poll released on Wednesday has a drop of 8% thinking that the administration is doing a good job, down from 56% to 48%. The area where there is greatest disapproval is in handling of monetary policy, with 63% now disapproving of the government performance.

Whilst Rousseff inherited some tough economic conditions to deal with, analysts say that one of her biggest problems is that she lacks the charisma and common touch of her predecessor. She has failed to connect with ordinary people and she shies away from public appearances.

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