Russia vetoes UN resolution


Russia and China vetoed a United Nations resolution which would have introduced an arms embargo and the freezing of assets on the Syrian regime. The decision led to the strongest language condemning the countries but especially Russia from world leaders.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague described the action as “inexcusable and indefensible”. The Russian Ambassador at the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, accused the Western nations of “attempting to fan the flames of conflict”.

Meanwhile fighting continued across the country and appeared to have intensified in the capital, Damascus. Rebels have reportedly captured three border crossings with Turkey and Iraq which, if true, will make the transportation of arms into the country much easier and result in an escalation of the fighting.

The rumour mill was working overtime yesterday as reports came in that President Bashar al-Assad had moved to his palace in Lattakia, a safer part of the country for him and the centre of his Alawite sect. The president’s wife has reportedly fled to Russia. Whatever the truth such rumours are likely to embolden the rebels and demoralise the armed forces.

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