Saleh appears on TV


President Ali Abdullah Saleh appeared on Yemeni television for the first time since he was injured in an attack last month. He was speaking from his hospital bedroom in Saudi Arabia and despite his injuries appeared to be in defiant mood.

Clearly very badly injured his face appeared very dark, his moustache gone and replaced with a stubbly beard and his arms and hands still heavily bandaged.

During his speech he admitted that he had undergone eight operations and went on to say that he welcomed power sharing provided it was within the framework of the country’s constitutional.

The appearance is likely to have disappointed his opponents who were probably hoping to see a less defiant character. Fireworks were set off around Sana’a the capital of Yemen immediately after the broadcast by pro government supporters.

Although the president praised the work of his vice president, Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi, in his efforts to bring forward a solution, the fighting continues and military power still remains within the hands of the Saleh family.

If anything the broadcast reinforced the feeling of stalemate whilst the country continues to deteriorate economically and in terms of security.

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