Sarkozy unveils jobs plan


President Nicolas Sarkozy met with unions and business leaders in a so called ‘Crisis Summit’ yesterday and unveiled a plan to spend more than €430 million in job creation initiatives.

The plan will include incentives for businesses to hire young people, training for the unemployed and support for those who are forced to take unpaid leave. Sarkozy also announced a thousand more jobs at job centres. The move will be paid for by shifting costs from labour charges to Value Added Taxes, a move that is opposed by 55% of voters according to a BVA poll for BFM TV.

The plan was criticised by the Socialist candidate, Francoise Hollande as an ‘illusion’.

Meanwhile a poll conducted over the weekend by LH2 in partnership with Yahoo saw Sarkozy slip from 26% to 23.5%. His main rival also slipped from 31.5% to 30%. The far right leader Marine Le Pen saw her ratings go up 3.5% to 17%.

The French presidential election takes place on 22nd April.

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