Sata continues attack on corruption


The new president of Zambia, Michael Sata has started his attack on what he sees as corruption and political appointments just ten days into his new role.

Since being sworn in on 23rd September, the president has sacked the governor of the Bank of Zambia, the central bank and dismissed the chief of the anti-corruption commission.

The president has also dissolved the parastatal boards of the Energy Regulation Board (ERB), the National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA), the state power board (ZESCO) and the Zambia Revenue Authority.

More recently the president has cancelled the sale of Finance Bank Zambia Limited to the South African FirstRand Limited and launched an investigation into the sale of public telecommunications company, Zamtel, to a Libyan state company.

Most recently the president has dismissed all 73 District Commissioners, saying that the role should not be political and is in the process of replacing them with public servants.

The whirlwind approach by President Sata has rattled investors. But during the election campaign he made it clear that he wanted to reverse the many political appointments to public bodies as well as cut out corruption. It seems he has started his clean sweep very quickly.

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