Seasonally adjusted unemployment falls


Spain saw unemployment rise in September but largely because of seasonal workers being laid off. The seasonally adjusted figures show that 4,834,584 people remain unemployed but this is a drop of 35,631 according to official figures published yesterday.

The official record as published on La Moncloa said that “Recorded unemployment rose by 25,572 in September to a total unemployment figure of 4,724,355. This is the best recorded unemployment result in September since 2007 and 10,000 better than the average September variation since records began. In September 2012, the number of unemployed rose by 79,645 on the previous month”.

The report went on to say that “In seasonally-adjusted terms, unemployment now stands at 4,834,584. This represents 35,631 fewer unemployed than the seasonally-adjusted recorded unemployment figure in August. In fact, this is the best seasonally-adjusted recorded unemployment result in September since records began”.

You can read the full story here.

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