Spain has a new Head of State


King Don Felipe VI was sworn in as Spain’s new King and Head of State today in a low key ceremony in the lower house of Parliament which lacked the usual pomp of such occasions.

King Felipe replaces Juan Carlos I who abdicated two weeks ago but whose reign officially ended today. Juan Carlos had been the King of Spain since November 1975.

In a 25 minute speech the new King promised to protect and support a ‘united and diverse’ Spain.

‘I want to reaffirm, as King, my faith in the unity of Spain, of which the crown is symbol, (…) but unity is not uniformity, the diversity of the State magnifies Spanish history and should bring strength to the citizens’ the new King said.

Felipe also promised change and ‘closeness’ to the people as well as “an integral, honest and transparent conduct”.

At the end of his speech the new King said ‘thank you’ in Castilian Spanish, Basque, Catalan and Galician.

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