Stalemate awaits parliament recall


Yesterday appeared to turn into a stalemate with all sides saying they are in the right but none prepared to back down.

The Supreme Constitutional Court stated that it had acted correctly in annulling part of the parliamentary elections which led to the dissolving of parliament by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

President Morsy denied that his decree on Sunday was in contravention of the constitution. A spokesperson suggested that the president was following out the will of the court by calling fresh elections.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said that “The state will respect all aspects of the Constitutional Declaration.” Although quite where that left their previous attempts to take on the role of the parliament is unclear.

The stalemate appears to be holding until one side makes the next move. The next likely move will come when the Speaker of the People’s Assembly seeks to recall parliament. If and when that happens it could be that SCAF will not stop parliamentarians from entering parliament but from the statement above it suggests that they will not recognise any decisions taken.

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