Burkina Faso

State of Emergency declared as parliament is dissolved


Following three days of unprecedented protests across Burkina Faso, but especially in the capital Ouagadougou, President Blaise Compaoré has backed down on his plans to change the constitution to allow him to serve three more terms in office.

The situation remains unclear, but it would appear that the army, led by General Kouamé Lougué, has dissolved parliament (some reports suggest it was the President), declared a state of emergency and announced that a transitional government will be put in place whilst elections are called.

The main opposition leader, Zephirin Diabre, said that the state of emergency was unacceptable and that only the resignation of the President would stop the continuing protests. Later, it emerged that the President was intending to run the transitional government for a year but would stand down at the end of that period. That is clearly not going to be acceptable to the large numbers of protesters who know that they have the government on the run.

Expect more unrest.

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