Stay in your posts instructs president


At the last meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) yesterday, President Goodluck Jonathan directed all ministers to remain in their posts until further notice.

The president will be sworn in on Sunday (29th May) and is likely to send the list of potential new minister to the parliament on Monday.

It is being strongly rumoured that the president intends to appoint technocrats rather than rely just on politicians to fill a number of key roles. If that is correct then it will be a major move away from the traditional appointments system. At least one newspaper is reporting that an internal document by the State Security Service (SSS) has been given to the president which outlines concerns about a number of ministers.

Elsewhere, the president met with representatives from the international company General Electric (GE) and emphasised that power and rail transport were key to the transformation of the economy. His hope is that a better rail network will take some pressure off the roads system.

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