Support for Noda Cabinet falls further


The Japan Times is reporting a new opinion poll which suggests that support for Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and his Cabinet has fallen to a new low level.

The poll suggests that support for the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) Cabinet has fallen from 29.2% in October to 17.7% this month. Disapproval stands at 66.1%.

The Prime Minister is under pressure from the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to call an early election. Support for the LDP leader, Shinzo Abe, stands at 40% in comparison with Noda’s 29.2%. The Prime Minister currently needs the support of the LDP to pass important fiscal laws but the LDP feel that they have completed the promised deal with the government and the promised election should now be called.

The fall in support for the Cabinet is likely to lead Noda to delay any election for as long as possible.

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