Supreme Court rules June elections invalid


Libya’s Supreme Court has ruled that the parliament elected on 25th June 2014. The House of Representatives emerged from the former General National Congress (GNC) February Committee earlier this year as the next part of the programme to return Libya to a democratic society. However the Supreme Court has ruled that the work of the February Committee was unconstitutional and therefore the 25th June elections were invalid.

The ruling was made in Tripoli where some members of the former General national Congress have reformed the old parliament and formed a government with the support of a group calling themselves Libya Dawn. The House of Representatives has been forced to meet in the eastern city of Tripoli because if fighting between rival militias across much of Libya and especially Benghazi.

The United Nations has backed the House of Representatives and its government so far but as yet it is unclear as to what the international reaction will be to the Supreme Court ruling. The House of Representatives has rejected the ruling saying that it was made ‘under the threat of arms’. One thing is clear, the ruling will push Libya deeper into crisis.

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