TI publishes Corruption Perceptions Index 2015


Transparency International (TI) has published its Corruption Perceptions Index 2015. The group has reported that more than six billion people live in countries with a serious corruption problem and that 114 or 68% of the 168 countries reviewed score below 50 out of 100 where 100 is least corrupt. Even more worrying is that half of the G20 countries are within the range of having a serious corruption problem.

Transparency International points to Greece, Senegal and the UK as having significantly improved over the past year whilst Australia, Brazil, Libya, Spain and Turkey, have deteriorated.

The lowest scoring countries are Somalia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Sudan, South Sudan and Angola. The five least corrupt countries are Denmark, Finland, Sweden, New Zealand, Netherlands and Norway.

You can find the score for each country on the Overview page for the relevant country on this website.

You can find the full report by Transparency International here along with the positions of 168 countries included in this year’s report.

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