True Finns say no to government


The True Finns leader, Timo Soini, has confirmed that they will not be part of the next government and do not approve the Portugal bailout deal.

In a move that will complicate the formation of a new government, the True Finns have made it clear that the deal being offered by the leading party, the National Coalition Party (KOK) was unacceptable to them and prohibited them from being part of the coalition.

Earlier in the week the Social Democrats (SDP) had put barriers in the way of the Portugal deal, but yesterday agreed to back the deal along with the KOK and the Centre Party. That means that the National Coalition Party leader and currently Finance Minister, Jyrki Katainen, will be able to support the bailout at the European Finance Ministers meeting next week.

Upon his return Katainen will be faced with the problem of building a coalition government. Without the True Finns 39 members it will be tough for him to get enough numbers together to form a majority even with the Social Democrats’ support.

The Centre Party who, up to the recent election, were the largest party have said that they wish to remain in opposition. That leaves a number of smaller parties with a handful of MPs each.

The Finnish Parliament has 200 seats. The KOK has 44 seats and the SDP has 42 seats.

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