Tunisia in chaos over reported Government resignation


Confusion reigned in Tunisia this morning after reports emerged that the Ennahdha led government had agreed to resign. The reports were then denied by a spokesperson from the prime Minister’s office. The two conflicting reports are given below.

Tunisia Live holds a report on the apparent resignation as follows:

“Government Reportedly Agrees to Resign After Talks Begin

The Tunisian government has reportedly agreed to begin direct talks with opposition parties in the coming days and will announce its commitment to resign, according to reports from several media outlets.

Radio station Mosaique FM reported late Friday that several leaders of the governing Ennahdha party, including party head Rached Ghannouchi, affirmed that the talks would begin this coming week.

“The dialogue will start on Monday or Tuesday,” Ennahdha representative Lotfi Zitoun told Reuters. “Ennahdha has accepted the plan without conditions to get the country out of the political crisis.”

The government will formally announce its commitment to resign when talks begin, according to Mosaique.

It is currently unclear whether the ruling coalition has accepted in full the roadmap proposal for dialogue advanced by the country’s largest labor union and three other civil society groups. Ennahdha had previously stated that it accepted the initiative in principle, but the union had demanded that it accepted the details of the plan.

The union’s roadmap includes a three-week deadline for the government’s resignation after direct talks begin.

Tunisia has been locked in a political stalemate since the assassination opposition politician Mohamed Brahmi on July 25.”

Whilst the Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP) reports the denial as follows:

“Prime Ministry denies having announced government’s will to step down

The Prime Ministry denied, on Saturday, having announced the government’s will to resign and published a communiqué in this regard.

Joined by phone by TAP news agency, Adviser to the Prime Ministry in charge of Communication Abdessalem Zbidi asserted that no formal announcement was made in this regard “contrary to the statements made, on Saturday morning, by UGTT assistant Secretary-General Bouali Mbarki,” specifying that “the Prime Ministry maintains its position.”

It is worth recalling that the Caretaker Government asserted, August 27, “its government’s will to carry on its mission to finish off the constituent phase,” declaring that “the situation in Tunisia could not be handled by a government in charge of current affairs’ management.”

Mr. Mbarki said, on Saturday, that the government had announced in a communiqué readiness to resign once national dialogue is launched.”

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