South Korea

Two million expected at anti President protests today


As many as two million people could join street protests today across South Korea to protest against President Park Geun-hye. The largest demonstrations will be in central Seoul with an expected 1.5 million people gathering. A further 500,000 are expected to protest in regional centres.

The protests have been sparked by revelations that the president’s confidante, Choi Soon-sil, had been privy to security information. This is despite having no official position or security clearance and she also appears to have tampered in the workings of government.

On the back of the scandal the president’s approval ratings have dropped to just 4% with a massive 93% disapproving of her.

Although she has twice apologised for the scandal her apologies haven’t been perceived as sincere and her problems have increased as two of her key officials, Justice Minister Kim Hyun-woong and her senior secretary for civil affairs Choi Jai-Keong tendered their resignations late this week.

If that isn’t enough, the opposition are putting together an impeachment motion in parliament as she loses the support of members of her own party. At a meeting of the ruling Saenuri Party on Friday, which was to discuss the impeachment motion, the Korea Times reports that only 60 of the 128 MPs turned up. The opposition are hoping to move the impeachment sometime between 2nd and 9th December. For the impeachment vote to succeed two-thirds of the 300 strong National Assembly are required; the Saenuri Party has 128 of those 300 seats.

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