UN envoy tries again


UN envoy, Jamal Bin Omar, is in Yemen on his sixth attempt to try and get a breakthrough in the impasse between the government and opposition protesters.

He will review the situation in the light of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2014 which was passed on 21st October and which seeks to gain implementation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) initiative.

The resolution has a number of aims but the core is the signing of the GCC initiative and the withdrawal of arms by both sides. The GCC initiative is in limbo partly because the opposition do not trust President Ali Abdullah Saleh to sign the document (he has promised to do so on at least four previous occasions). Another problem is that it has been linked to a number of conditions by the government around the setting up of the transitional government and the management of police and the armed forces during the transition.

Meanwhile the violence continues and at least eleven people are known to have died in the southern city of Taiz when security forces started shelling two residential areas. Three women and two children (one a nine year old) are said to be among the eleven dead.

The economy of Yemen also continues to suffer. One government estimate says that they have lost $10 billion in revenue since February, imports have fallen by up to 80% in Q2 and many banks have closed or are facing large customer withdrawals as the crisis bites deeper.

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