Vanuatu needs your help


Vanuatu is a country that has come to a full stop after Cyclone Pam struck on Friday. The Vanuatu Daily Digest has made an urgent appeal for help, see below and the Vanuatu Daily Post has stopped reporting.

Vanuatu’s President, Baldwin Lonsdale, has described the cyclone as a ‘monster’. “This is a very devastating cyclone in Vanuatu. I term it as a monster, a monster,” he said. “It’s a setback for the government and for the people of Vanuatu. After all the development that has taken place, all this development has been wiped out,” he said.

So far 24 people have been confirmed dead but many of the outlying islands are still out of touch with the centre five days after ‘Pam’ hit the island nation. Vanuatu has a population of just over a quarter of a million people.

Below is the Daily Digest request for help:

Vanuatu needs your help urgently – please donate

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The Category 5 Cyclone Pam that struck Vanuatu on Friday has devastated the country. This cyclone is possibly the strongest ever in the south Pacific region. Tens of thousands of people are homeless, without adequate food, water, shelter or sanitation.

The Government of Vanuatu estimates that 80% of homes have been either destroyed or have sustained significant damage. Communications infrastructure has been knocked out in the hardest hit islands and there are grave fears for rural communities that were directly under the path of the cyclone’s eye.

Essential services have been wiped out on most islands, and even in the nation’s capital Port Vila, home to about 60,000, restoring water and electricity may take weeks.

Vanuatu needs your urgent assistance. Here are our suggestions on how to help:


Give to Vanuatu is co-ordinating drop off points around Australia for relief supplies such as tarps, tents, ropes and tinned food. Please visit their FB page for details of drop off locations.

Emergency appeals that you can donate online to include:

Donate to UNICEF Australia Cyclone Pam appeal

Donate to Red Cross Cyclone Pam Appeal or call 1800 811 700 to make a secure donation

Donate to Cyclone Pam: Heart blong mifala stap wetem yufala fund (Vanuatu High Commission, Canberra / Australian National University

Donate to Oxfam Australia International Crisis Fund – Cyclone Pam

Donate to CARE Australia Cyclone Pam Response or call 1800 020 046

Save The Children Cyclone Pam Appeal or call 1800 76 00 11.

New Zealand

Donate to Red Cross NZ Pacific Disaster Fund

Nouvelle Calédonie et la France

Don à l’UNICEF France

Solidarité Vanuatu

UK and Europe

Donate to UNICEF UK Cyclone Pam fund


Donate to UNICEF USA Cyclone Pam fund


Donate to Red Cross Canada Cyclone Pam Relief Fund / Donnez maintenant: cyclone Pam

Remember, give responsibly: some fake donation appeals are already circulating on social media and even door to door. Only give to reputable organisations, and ask to see identification.

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