Vice President steps aside


Vice President Omar Chehade has ‘stepped aside’ after being asked to do so by President Ollanta Humala.

The Vice President has been accused of corruption by asking a police chief to remove protesters from a sugar plant to allow a company to take it over. Whilst it is only congress that can sack a vice-president, in this instance it would appear that he was asked to leave by the president and complied.

President Humala has been strangely reticent in explaining what happened. In an interview with ‘Living in Peru’ the president was asked if the vice president had resigned. The president would only reply that the vice president had stepped aside and was no longer part of the executive and therefore “we do not have any relationship with him right now”.

The president ended the interview when the reporter tried to press him on what stepping aside actually meant.

President Humala fought a presidential election earlier this year partly on cleaning up corruption in public life.

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