Yingluck lays out first year priorities


Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has laid out the most important policies of the first year of her new government. The prime minister presented her governments priorities in a speech to parliament on Tuesday 23rd August.

The government website lists out the priorities as follows:

  • The creation of people’s unity and the revival of democracy
  •  The national agenda that includes drugs solutions and prevention
  •  The suppression of state corruption
  •  The support of water integration and expansion of irrigation areas
  •  The bringing of peace and security of life and assets to citizens in the southern border provinces
  •  Relationship revival and cooperation development in neighbouring and foreign countries
  •  Solutions to inflation and fuel oil price for citizens and entrepreneurs
  •  The elevation of citizens’ livelihood by increasing domestic consumption, supporting balance and quality strengths for   macroeconomics
  •  The reduction of corporate income tax
  •  The support of accessible source of investment funds for citizens
  •  The increase of agricultural prices and the support of accessible source of investment funds for agriculturalists
  •  The increase of domestic and foreign tourism income
  •  The support of art and craft development and community products in order to produce uniqueness and local production
  •  The development of health insurance
  •  Providing laptops for schools
  •  The acceleration of political reform which includes widespread participation from the public.
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