Erdoğan introduces reform package


At a press conference held in Ankara yesterday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan unveiled a number of highly-anticipated reforms. These cover issues such as the election threshold, party organization and propaganda in non-Turkish languages.

It was reported by the Anadolu Agency that Prime Minister Erdoğan had stated key reforms would include:

  • A new education system to provide the opportunity to learn different languages and dialects by taking elective courses upon request
  • The government would propose three options to be discussed in the coming weeks for the election threshold: maintaining the current threshold of 10%; lowering the threshold to 5% while implementing single-member district constituency system in groups of five or removing the threshold altogether and fully implementing the single-member district system
  • Lowering the current threshold for parties to receive state aid from 7% to 3%
  • Granting the right for political parties to organise at the district level.
  • Removing present restrictions to allow everyone who has the right to vote to become a member of a political party
  • Allowing freedom to use languages and dialects other than Turkish for political propaganda, prohibited under the current law
  • Extending the time periods for meetings and demonstrations and greater participation in determining meeting places and routes
  • Restoring non-Turkish place names
  • Removing the ban on the headscarf
  • Establishing a “Romani Institute” at a university in one of the provinces densely populated with Romani citizens in order to conduct scientific studies on the language and culture of Romani citizens

Full details of all the proposed reforms can be found on the Anadolu Agency website.

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