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National Development Plan presented to President


President Jacob Zuma has received the much anticipated National Development Plan. The document is a blueprint which proposes to make changes in thirteen key areas of public and private life and therefore eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030.

The National Planning Commission, which has been responsible for producing the Plan over the last two and a half years, has warned that unless changes take place, South African development risks sliding backwards and calls on all South Africans to pull together.

In addition to this, the document stresses the need for citizens to be active and not to rely on government to deliver, but to hold leaders accountable; to grow an inclusive economy and raise employment by 11 million to 23 million by 2030; to improve capability in all key areas; for the state to intervene to be ‘professional, competent and responsive to the needs of all citizens’ and for the country’s leaders to work together to solve South Africa’s problems.

The National Development Plan has been well received by opposition leaders, but they have questioned the ability of the government to implement such an ambitious document. President Zuma has expressed his optimism and said that the plan will uproot poverty and improve the life of all South Africans.

The full document can be read on the South Africa page

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