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Half US voters want Obama voted out


A poll by AP-GfK conducted between 13th and 17th October provides some good, but mainly bad news for President Obama.

The bad news is that 50% of those polled believe that he deserves to be voted out of office. Although 46% believe that he should be re-elected. The high figure may reflect the personal impact of unemployment on those interviewed.

When asked if they knew of someone (not family) who had lost their job because of economic conditions, 59% said yes. This figure has remained high throughout this year, with the peak, 71% saying yes, in January. The lowest polled figure this year has been 54% with the average around 60%. When asked about the family, 8% of those interviewed had been made redundant and 18% had a family member who had been made jobless.

The good news for Obama is that none of the Republican candidates are shining out as highly desirable alternatives.

In the poll, Mitt Romney is the favourite of 30% of Republicans, Herman Cain comes second with 26% and Rick Perry is in third place with 13%.

When matched up in a contest with Barack Obama, Mitt Romney would take 45% of the vote to Obama’s 48%. Herman Cain does worse, taking 43% to Obama’s 49% and Rick Perry is the least well matched, taking 42% to Obama’s 51%.

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