Latest opinion poll shows CDU slightly up


The latest opinion poll by Infratest Dimap for public broadcaster ARD shows Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party (CDU) have gained two percentage points and are now on 34%. The main opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD) are on 27%, down one percentage point.

The Greens, who started the year high in the opinion polls, have continued their decline. The latest poll puts them at 21% down two more percentage points.

The CDU’s coalition partner the Free Democratic Party (FDP) are up one point to 5%, just balancing them on the threshold to win seats.

The same poll asked respondents about their views of the two German and French leaders handling of the current economic crisis. This follows a recent mini summit between Merkel and Sarkozy which did little to impress investors or the markets. Around 55% said that they had no trust in Angela Merkel’s handling of the crisis, whilst 63% said that they didn’t trust Sarkozy to handle the crisis.

Der Spiegel reports that in a similar poll conducted in France, 46% were confident in Merkel’s handling of the crisis whilst only 33% expressed confidence in Sarkozy.

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